Thrive at Prince Creek Senior Living FAQ

What is luxury senior living at Thrive at Prince Creek?

• Thrive at Prince Creek offers seniors the help they need with the tasks of daily living, in a residential community that supports and encourages their independence, and opportunities to live a full and engaging life.

What is Thrive at Prince Creek not?

• Thrive at Prince Creek is not a nursing home. The Thrive at Prince Creek resident may need help with medications, meals, housekeeping and other activities, but do not require skilled nursing care.

Is Thrive at Prince Creek a licensed provider? Does that really matter?

• Yes – and Yes! High quality providers of senior care, like Thrive at Prince Creek, have one thing in common – they are licensed and regulated by the state. Licensing ensures appropriate staffing levels, physician approved care plans and ongoing staff training. Don’t assume a provider is licensed just because they say so. A quick look around the entrance will tell you if it is a licensed community or not, as the state requires licenses to be displayed prominently at the entrance.

Is there a doctor or nurse on duty?

• Thrive at Prince Creek has a licensed nurse available as needed. Providers are not required to employ a full-time nurse, but Thrive at Prince Creek has chosen to do so.

Do you have a house physician?

• No. Residents continue to see their own physicians. Thrive at Prince Creek is available to provide residents with transportation to their doctor’s office as needed. If you do not have a physician, we have Geriatric physicians who will come to Thrive at Prince Creek to see his or her patient in the community.

What accommodations are available?

• Thrive at Prince Creek offers residents several sizes of private bedroom studio units with private bath accommodations.

What services and amenities are included in the monthly rate?

• Three delicious, nutritious meals in the community dining room
• Medication oversight
• Regular and often daily wellness activities, social events and devotional services
• Shopping and leisure excursions in the community van
• Coordination with a resident’s personal physician
• Utilities (excluding telephone and cable TV, at additional cost based on your preferences)
• Housekeeping and personal laundry services

If my health needs change while living at Thrive at Prince Creek, will I automatically have to move into a skilled nursing facility?

• Not necessarily. Some residents receive physical therapy, home health, and even hospice in their home at Thrive at Prince Creek. Others leave for post-surgical rehabilitation and look forward to coming back home as quickly as possible.

Can I live at Thrive at Prince Creek if I need a wheelchair or walker to get around?

• Yes. In fact, we encourage seniors who need assistance with ambulation to live with us at Thrive at Prince Creek.

Does this mean that you can prevent resident falls?

• Unfortunately, no. It is important to be aware that no community can prevent resident falls. What Thrive at Prince Creek does do is provide an environment and services that encourage an active, healthful approach to living. Staying active is one of the best ways to prevent falls.

What are Thrive at Prince Creek’s visiting hours?

• When you live at Thrive at Prince Creek, it is no different than living at home—this is your new home, on your terms. You are free to welcome and entertain guests as you please.
• The only exception relates to those residents with memory impairments who live in our Chateau Program; their access is limited for their own protection.

Do I have to give notice if I decide to move out?

• Yes, as detailed in our Resident Agreement, we require a 30-day notice.

Do I have to sign a lease?

• Thrive at Prince Creek offers month-to-month leases and accommodates short-term respite stays. There are no hidden costs and no fluctuating fees after you move in. Unit rates are guaranteed for up to 12 months, unless your needs change from traditional senior living to our Chateau Program for memory impairments.

May I bring my own furnishings to my apartment?

• Absolutely! This is your home and you should have all the comforts and furnishings to which you are accustomed.